Published on July 3, 2014

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Have you ever put plans for hosting on hold because your space is a tad too small? Stop this insanity. When it comes to entertaining, square inches shouldn't even come into play. Small-space dwellers, live it up–and follow these tried-and-true tricks. 

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Photography by JUSTIN BERNHAUT

go easy on flowers.

Cluster small blooms in a handful of mini vases, or put one at each place setting. For a splashy look, fill lofty, narrow vessels with towering stalks or leafy branches that spread upward.

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Photography by PAUL COSTELLO

lose the wine bottles.

To avoid crowding the table with umpteen bottles of Chardonnay, use carafes that hold two or more bottles at a go.

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Photography by ANDREA FAZZARI

keep things within reach.

Position two large water pitchers near the table’s center, and install a set of diminutive salt and pepper shakers at each end.

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Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

use the whole room.

After serving the main course, place the platters on a nearby console for easy second helpings.