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As a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and founder of Nutrition Stripped—a platform dedicated to helping people live whole, eat well, and feel amazing—I cook a lot. I’m constantly testing and developing nourishing recipes, from gluten- and dairy-free dishes, to plant-rich meals which are just as beautiful as they are delicious.

Cooking can be intimidating for some people, and I get it, with all the planning, shopping, organizing, cooking, and cleaning. I’m no chef, but as a self-taught home cook, what keeps me sane and in a good flow in the kitchen is cleaning up as I cook. Plus: We all want our kitchens to look amazing all the time, so it’s a good habit to get into!

One of my favorite new products is the Skura Style sponge. It’s not only beautiful enough to keep out on display, but it actually works. As a nutritionist, one of the features I love most is that the monogram on the sponge dissolves to cue you to replace the sponge (about one to two weeks).

According to a national proprietary study, 83 percent of women who purchase kitchen sponges revealed that they know their used sponges contain harmful bacteria and can spread food borne illnesses, but 60 percent also admit to using their sponge longer than they should. Why should we settle?!

Here is a sponge that takes out the guesswork and helps maintain a clean sink environment. Skura Style sponges come straight to your door as either a monthly or bi-monthly subscription service to keep your kitchen bright depending on your needs; for the amount we cook and clean, the monthly subscription keeps our cooking space super clean and bright.

In addition to having the right cleaning supplies, it’s important to assess your area before you start cooking. Do you have enough room to move around? Do you have all the utensils you’ll need in reach? Do you have your produce prepared? Is the oven on if you need to preheat? Do you have towels, sponges, and cleaning items by your side to clean as you go? Plan ahead by asking yourself these questions so you can get your kitchen set up before you start cooking.

As you are cooking, most items will have different cook times, so try your best to plan for those, and in the quiet moments (i.e. while things are cooking), prep your raw items like salads, chop or slice vegetables, set the table, and clean up so that you’re not overwhelmed at all the dishes you’ve cooked in.

The last thing you want to do after sitting and enjoying a beautiful home-cooked meal is to stress out about all the clean up you need to do. It sounds simple, but these quick tips are an incredibly effective way to ensure that your kitchen stays clean, and you and your family get the wholesome, home-cooked meals you crave.