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Start 2016 off right by investing in two very important things: your health and your finances. Today, we’ve rounded up 10 budget-friendly recipes that are not only simple to make, but come in right under $20/meal. Enjoy some serious (and healthy) noms.

This situation to your left can be found on Minimalist Baker.

herbed lentil soup

Just by looking at the photo to your left, you wouldn’t believe it takes a minor $6 to create, would you? Boasting in incredible flavor, this filling soup combines fragrant herbs like thyme and pungent cumin for a soup that’s lacking in nothing. Serve with toasted crostini and freshly shredded cheese to bring the meal to completion.

zesty tacos

One of the things we love most about tacos is the flexibility that comes with them. Whether you’re opting for a protein rich dinner or a dinner boasting with seasonal veggies, opt for homemade tacos. Garnish options are endless too, with things like differing salsas, sour cream, avocado, and much more.

5-ingredient chili

5-ingredient, yes 5-ingredient chili. And it’s packed with flavor. No cardboard tasting (skimpy) chili here. Loaded with sweet potatoes and garnished with mouthwatering salsa and creamy avocado, this chili not only warms your belly but is easy on the budget too.

sweet potato and feta salad

If you’re craving something green for dinner, a roasted sweet potato and kale salad should do the trick. Load it up with tangy feta and lemon-marinated kale for a hearty and nutritious dish.

rosemary + garlic beef stew

Wintertime calls for a hearty stew packed with fragrant garlic and aromatic rosemary. Believe us when we say the entire recipe comes in at a whopping $15. Serve with toasted ciabatta smeared with butter and crushed garlic for a filling dinner time meal.

spicy spinach quesadillas

Quesadilla’s so easy, they’re ready in 25 minutes flat. Consisting of only six ingredients and packed with nutritious spinach and gooey cheese, these quesadillas fill you up while remaining easy on the wallet, too.

creamy tomato soup with grilled cheese ‘croutons’

Nothing says ‘comfort food’ more than creamy tomato soup with a savory grilled cheese. Add a fun spin to the classic dish by making the grilled cheese into bite-sized ‘croutons.’ It’s a creative way to jazz up a wintertime classic while still being light on the budget.

sausage and broccoli rabe rigatoni

Nutrient-rich broccoli pairs with protein-packed sausage for a hearty take on budget-friendly dining. Go for large rigatoni and freshly shredded parmesan for an aesthetically pleasing dish that’ll be a crowd favorite to adults and kids alike.

savory crustless quiche

Quiche might seem like an expensive go-to, but trust us when we say it can be packed with flavor and come in under $6 per serving. Load up on your favorite veggies and shredded cheeses for a warming meal that will keep your belly (and wallet!) full.

lemon + olive oil marinated fennel with burrata

Burrata is perfect for those nights when making dinner feels like a chore. Simply throw some baguette in the oven and garnish with lemon marinated fennel and burrata for a refreshing dinner that’s inexpensive, light, and flavorful.