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It’s hard to decipher from first glance what this tool could possibly be. Looking pretty similar to a bra insert at first glance, this flexible silicone tool is meant to shake up your beauty routine.

But why?

Well, waste not, want not. You waste a lot of makeup due to absorption using a sponge, beauty blender, or brushes during application. With this silicone tool, makeup adheres to your face instead of the tool.

And, unlike traditional tools, this is really easy to clean. After each use, just clean it with regular soap and water. Which is a nice antidote to traditional sponges and blenders that can be riddled with bacteria if not diligently washed daily.

As Angie Johnson, the creator of the popular Evie Blender, explained to Elle.com, “It dries very quickly. You can wipe it down with alcohol or boil it, even, if you want it really sanitized. It’s not going to harbor bacteria.”


  • Take the smallest amount (seriously!) of cream/liquid product and go in circular motions or back and forth to spread.
  • Tap repeatedly to blend, paying attention to tricky spots like jawline, hairline, around the eyes, and nose.
  • Repeat and build coverage as needed. It’s that easy. 


Milk Makeup Dab + Blend Applicator

($14) is glittery and fun, and, yes, you need it.

Molly Products SiliSponge

($9.90) is the Hong Kong-based OG version that invented this concept.

NuYU Skin Sili Sponge

($15) has a squishier texture than most traditional silicone blenders, which makes it that much more satisfying to use.


($20) was famously used for Natalie Portman’s flawless look for the 2017 SAG Awards by her incredible makeup artist Pati Dubroff. Good enough for Natalie/Pati, good enough for us.

Evie Blender

($20) takes the concept further with a patent-pending pebbled texture that makes blending much easier than ever imagined.

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