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echinacea pods

Usually used for filler, echinacea pods are exotic rather than weedy as they bubble from a mercury-glass cachepot. When stems are hidden and tamed by a sculptural vessel, the organic textured tops are hypnotic, like a drug free acid trip.


At full height, a bunch of allium has a Dr. Seuss-type look. But a single stem is like its own posy of tiny flowers. In a tapered sake bottle, it’s transformed into a lush object, a proper-meets-playful addition to a mantel display.

chamomile flowers

A wide mass of delicate chamomile creates a little meadow in a conversation space. The grounded compote offers a nice transition between solid furniture and ethereal blooms.


Vivid coffee tables and a swirly ceramic plate call out for the painterly showiness of the irises. The flowers are so elaborate that they don’t need any adornment. Just cluster a few in a simple cylindrical container, and there’s plenty of spark.


A truncated burst of freesia mingled with buds becomes less filly in a square case. Minimized and contained, the flowers both blend into the neutral tableau and energize it.