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Most of us don’t think twice about table salt. Compared to more exciting spices and seasonings (think saffron, Tasmanian pepperberry, or fennel pollen), the basic flavoring tool seems to fall short on the “cool factor” scale. That is, until now. Artisanal spice and seasoning purveyor Gustus Vitae recently took its sustainably sourced seasoning to a new level. Its latest innovation? Probiotic salt—an industry first.

“The market continues to demand natural wellness products that taste great; our Probiotic Ocean Salt is the perfect combination,” says Gustus Vitae CEO Elizabeth Kernan. “Now, every meal can have probiotic benefits of supporting immune health, gut health, and protein utilization without altering the taste.”

Crafted from super-fine Pacific sea salt sourced locally from the San Francisco Bay area and enhanced with probiotic enzymes (there are 15 billion viable bacteria cells per gram) Gustus Vitae’s Probiotic Ocean Salt ($10) is an accessible alternative to supplements, which have long dominated the probiotic market.

Move Over, CBD Seltzer, Probiotic Salt Is Officially a Thing
Probiotic Ocean Salt, gustus vitae ($10)

“Our salt is sourced locally from the San Francisco Bay area, which is mixed with a fine-grain probiotic powder. We use only the best probiotics: GanedenBC30, which is a natural probiotic ingredient that is added to many foods, beverages, and supplements. It’s an extremely stable probiotic, so it has the ability to survive manufacturing processes, product shelf life, temperature, and the journey through the digestive system,” explains Kernan.

Probiotics have been proven to positively affect the digestive system by stimulating the gut’s immune system and maximizing the body’s ability to extract nutrients from food.

“It’s a great choice for someone trying to keep their ingredients simple and support their gut health at the same time,” adds Kernan. “We think it’s an easy addition as a finishing salt, used in dressings and in traditional cooking use. The best thing about this product is that the taste and composition of the salt are not changed at all by adding probiotics.”

This might be the easiest (and tastiest!) swap you can make for a happier and healthier gut.

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