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We’d all like to be a bit more superhuman, right? More energy, less stress, to sleep better, and have a foolproof immune system? Yes please, sign me up for all of that. Well, great news, because turns out, there are new powders to deliver on each of those.

Starting today, personalized vitamin company Care/of will also offer a set of five flavored powders, each addressing a daily health concern. Quick Sticks to the rescue! These delicious grab-and-go, melt-in-your-mouth powder packs are here to seriously improve your daily life, depending on how you’re feeling.

Tired and sluggish? Extra Batteries (my favorite) has a master mix of caffeine and vitamin B12 to keep you alert but focused (and is orange flavored). I grabbed one this morning and Pixy-sticked it into my mouth. It dissolves immediately and has a bright citrus flavor—and not like a faux, “I know this actually is medicine” flavor—just simply like tasting a real orange. And I felt great, too; I didn’t have the jitters like I usually get when drinking a lot of coffee, just a calm, much-need boost.

Immune system feeling a bit down? Try Pocket Protector, which has a blend of probiotics and tastes like berries.

Tummy troubles? Try Gut Check—the mixture of two probiotic strains to keep your digestive system functioning well, all while tasting like blueberries.

Having sleep troubles? Give Dream Team a try at nighttime. It also taste like berries, and has melatonin to regulate your natural circadian rhythm. (Major travel must for those red-eye flights.)

Stressed (hell yes, I am)? Give Chill Factor a chance. It has a blend of chamomile, and GABA, which regulates the body’s response to stressful stimuli, as well as boosts your mood, and increases cognitive performance.

And as the case with Care/of vitamins, each one of these powders is made with super high quality ingredients, and has been tested and created under the care of their superpowered team of doctors and health experts.

And most impressively? These health boosts to-go cost just $5 for a five pack—a total steal. Grab ‘em before they sell out, and boost up.

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