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Photography by LAURE JOLIET

Coming off the heels of Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year announcement, we set out to explore the many ways in which we could incorporate the color into our space. From the big and the bold, to the more understated of forms, we discovered an array of inspired methods for decorating with the vibrant shade. Take a look!

What better way to embrace this green than in its most natural form? From tropical plants to vividly detailed prints and wallpapers, florals will become an even greater part of our decorative efforts this year.

Photography by DOMINO

We’re seeking inspiration from natural greens in their quintessential forms, implementing them in various modes throughout the home.

The August with Ferns, The Sill

Cembra Wallpaper, Wallpaperdirect.com

Pyramid Bead Plant Hanger, Cold Picnic

The Prayer Plant

Cacti, HAY

Peninsula, Ralph Lauren Paint

Palms from Below, Domino

Photography by CORBIN GURKIN

With spring, comes a new wave of entertaining styles and aesthetics. Channeling the spirit of revitalization and renewal, bright greens become a common sight, seamlessly transitioning with the season’s best.

For the tabletop display, filter in decorative accents that embrace the bright shade of green – think of it as a less committal approach to incorporating the trend into your home.

Photography by DOMINO

Tabletop and kitchen basics proudly bare the vibrant green, casting a bold finish to the space they will come to occupy.

Bottle, HAY

Green Cook’s Books Set, Juniper Books

Linen Tea Towel, Canvas Home

Glass Straws, Food52

Tinware Bowl, Canvas Home

Forma Leaf Salad Plate, Vietri

Photography by LAURE JOLIET

It’s hard to pass on textiles – be it rugs, throws, pillows, or window treatments – offered in a neutral color scheme or pattern. Albeit it may stand the test of time, a colorful update, here and there, never hurt, especially in an oh-so-trendy shade!

Photography by DOMINO
We’re looking to pieces such as exotically-sourced area rugs or delicately woven wraps to usher in the color trend.

Contemporary Wool Rug, abc carpet & home

Throw Quilt No. 8, Louise Gray

Dobby Screen Pillow, Loloi

Basic Hand Towel in Grass Green, Turkish T  

For the more daring decorator, opting for a statement piece that comes in the Color of the Year, goes without saying. We’re looking to the bigger ticket items including, streamlined seats and ingeniously-crafted accent tables, for inspiration.

Photography by DOMINO

From the iridescent to the more simple and understated, decorating with this year’s lustrous shade of green comes sans any limits. We’ve got our eyes on the mid-century modern take of the color trend, coupled with lightly stained, wooden details.

Everything Elevated Steel Side Table, abc carpet & home

Signe Upholstered Lounge Chair, Modway Furniture

Palissade Collection, HAY

Bowl Table Lamp, New Works

Turn Stool, Blu Dot