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Steal these decorating tips to set your workspace apart from the rest.  


When choosing a desk, consider the type of work you will be doing and take into account the amount of space your items will require. For a laid-back look with refined details, skip the chunky piece with built-in cabinets and opt for something sleek and simple. 

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Create an environment that nurtures and fuels your creativity! Be generous with color and don’t be afraid to experiement with patterns and layered textures.

Here’s how Lucky’s Eva Chen did it.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

A traditional rug in a warm hue sets the scene in this simple cove, providing the perfect balance between the white walls and dark floors. In a windowless room, bright colors are a great distraction from the absence of natural light.


In a space with clean-cut lines and straightforward details, a textured accent adds a much needed touch of comfort. Dress the walls with an artsy collage or a bright print to lift the mood.
TIP: For a more organized look and feel, stick to a uniform color scheme!

Photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO

from the archives…

A home office that will always be a classic. One that we dream about. You might not have the space to pull this off, but the soothing shade of blue and chic accents will work for anyone… no matter how many square inches you’re working with.

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Photography by PAUL COSTELLO

from the archives

There’s just no way we’re letting a year go by without highlighting this beautiful navy blue room. Some of us are more productive when we’re comfortably holed up in a cozy nook. White details tone down the intensity of the bold wall color, adorned with an eclectic assortment of prints. 

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