It’s where we host holidays for 12 or weeknight dinners for two, the gathering spot for any size family–or feast. 


Cookie-cutter furniture isn’t your style. It can be difficult to find something just right–you want that quirky, unique charm. Mix things up. Get creative and have a custom-made dining room table created (like this couple did) and add chairs that have character. Sometimes the best things are stumbled upon and not sold as a set.

Photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE Photography by Meghan McNeer

You’re always switching back and forth between different color palettes and trends. Create a wall of art in black and white, which is the perfect base for any look. 


A white table with matching chairs is an easy way to make a dining

room look

pulled together, chic, and sophisticated. 

Photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE Courtesy of Alexander & Co.

Your dining room is feeling a little stuffy, and it’s not from the meal you just had. Bring your dining room to new heights by adding a chandelier as the focal point. 

Photography by Brittany Ambridge Photo by half baked harvest

That stunning light fixture speaks to you, but the rest of the room doesn’t fit your personality.

TIP: Personalize your chairs by choosing a fabric that you love. You can easily reupholster seat covers with just a staple gun and fabulous textile. That should do the trick!


from the archives…

Long tables are often overlooked in the eating areas. We regularly glance back at this photo as a reminder. You can hit the neutral-décor zone by adding industrial-style light fixtures. Instant modernity and a touch of masculinity are created, while keeping those floral touches and glamour details for yourself.