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It’s only natural that you feel compelled to get in touch with nature during this time of self-isolation. Whether that means adding a succulent to your makeshift WFH desk or spending more time in the backyard, the benefits of plants are clear: They reduce stress, make you happier, and—not to mention—add an invigorating splash of color to any space. And just because you might not necessarily have a green thumb, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with some fauna—especially when there are plenty of online classes that can help you become a better plant parent in mere hours.

If you’re looking for an evening activity that keeps you entertained and teaches you something new (like how to stop overwatering your orchid once and for all), these courses will hit the spot.

If You Want to Better Appreciate Your Surroundings

Look out your window. Can you name the species of the first tree you see? If not, North Carolina State University‘s six-week plant identification class might be the perfect pick for you. Taught in collaboration with Longwood Gardens, the course will help you recognize a wide variety of species all around the world through flash cards, vocabulary games, and other engaging teaching techniques. The next session starts July 13, and registration is currently open, with an early-bird rate of $179.

If You Want to Keep Your Houseplants Happy

The Sill isn’t just a great place to stock up on plants without leaving your home—it’s a good resource to help you keep that greenery thriving. The retailer offers a number of affordable digital classes, like a repotting workshop, a fertilizing and watering seminar, and a how-to on plant placement, all for $10.

If You Want to Give Gardening a Go

Started your seeds and ready to take your sprouts to the next level? Throughout April, Oregon State University’s master gardener intro class is available for free. You’ll learn all the basics you need to know before you get your hands in the dirt. The school’s vegetable gardening class is also free for a limited time, and additional courses, like basic botany and introduction to entomology, are offered for $45.

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