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written by  ANNA KOCHARIAN

Summer is essentially synonymous with grilling. There is really nothing quite like barbecuing on a seemingly endless summer evening. So what happens when you don’t actually own a grill? A few hacks are definitely in order. Luckily, we rounded up some clever tips (and tricks) to help you make the most of the summer “grilling” season. Take a look!

WITH A CAST IRON SKILLET More often than not, pan searing a dish can yield similar results to that of an actual grill. Steaks and various other meats can be seared in a cast iron skillet and then finished off in the oven. We promise, it’ll taste delicious!

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Tip: Use a grill pan to achieve the grill mark effect, on the stove!

When cooking meat, place it directly onto the pan and sear each side for 2-3 minutes, until the grill marks appear.

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Place peach halves on a grill pan for 3-5 minutes for a quick and easy summer dessert!

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For those who are no stranger to the stovetop grilling method, you know it can be a real life-saver. Especially when you’re in a pinch! Note: this works for gas stoves only

ROASTED PEPPERS Roast peppers on top of a gas burner for an effect similar to that of a grill. Simply place a washed pepper on top of the burner on medium heat. Slowly rotate the pepper using tongs until the outer side of the pepper is thoroughly charred. Set aside to cool, and then peel the charred outer shell off. Slice up the pepper into thin strips, and enjoy!


Use your oven’s broiler to accomplish a charred finish for a wide variety of dishes. Similar to a grill, a broiler offers up a direct source of heat which cooks food extremely quickly.

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One of the best things about grilling is the smoky flavor that yields from the cooking method. So when grilling is not an option, consider this alternative: seasoning! From dry rub spices to smoky syrups, there are a slew of alternatives to test out.

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