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There’s more to monogrammed textiles than just selecting your initials from the dropdown menu. Fonts, colorways, and the addition or absence of trim all factor into making the look work for you and your space. Some consider it a status symbol, others view it as a mere decorative accent. We think of it as a small, yet impactful way to elevate the everyday—whether that be in the bedroom or the bathroom is entirely up to you. Not quite sure where to start? We looked to Matouk, purveyor of luxe linens and beyond, for guidance on how to make the most of a monogram, based on your design style.

If you’re classy cool

Photography by Leslee Mitchell and Design by Alexander Interiors

You enjoy the finer things and have a penchant for pieces with extra flair. Monogrammed cotton shams with scalloped edges, diamond-patterned pique, and colored trim will set the tone for your bedroom. Borrow hues from these focal points, channeling them onto your bedding, walls, and beyond. Anchor the look with a set of throw pillows in a bold print or saturated shade. 

If you’re all about comfort

Courtesy of Matouk

For you, it’s the little things that make the most impact. Your bedding of choice is stone-washed linen sheets—they’re soft, yet textured enough to keep things interesting visually. Order your lettering with a gothic-inspired twist on a sham (or four) in a soothing neutral tone. 

If you’re a modern minimalist

Photography by Alberto Zanetti

Sleek lines and barely-there details are your love language, and we boiled that straight down to your monogram style. Instead of revamping your bedding—that stays exclusively monochrome, without any frills—swap your bath towels for a set with angular, oversized initials and the subtlest matching trim, a streamlined take on the often fussy finish.

Bedrooms photo
Cairo Hand Towel, Matouk ($34)

If you’re a pattern enthusiast

Courtesy of Merritt Beck

More is more—you mix and match prints like it’s your job—so naturally, your bed is a case study in pairing the unexpected…and making it work. Bring in a vivid, graphic quilt to complement pillows with tripled-up trim and an equally bold monogram, such as this diamond insignia (that’s when the middle letter is set at a slightly larger font than the two it’s flanked by). Pile on a textured throw at the foot of the bed and call it a resounding success.

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