modern office makeover
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zipkin’s advice for setting up a stress-free work space

blank slate

“Start by clearing off a single shelf. Remember, you have to begin somewhere, and there’s no such thing as wasted effort.”

let things go

“If it’s broken, either fix it or donate it. Keeping unusable things puts a pointless burden on your space.”

work benefits

“Sell unneeded items on eBay, and then use the proceeds to purchase something you’ve had your eye on to celebrate your new room.”


proper placement

“Train yourself to put things back after using them. It will save you immeasurable time in the long run.”

free at last

“Enjoy the bliss that comes with getting your office in order. It’s invigorating!”

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For help in tackling her first office revamp in 15 years, PR powerhouse Eloise Goldman called in Mary Zipkin, a professional organizer brimming with savvy, surefire tips.

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Good taste runs in the family! This vintage Eames lounge chair and ottoman once​ belonged to Goldman’s​ grandparents.


Black and White Living room
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Table lamps provide a calming alternative to the harsh glare of

overhead lighting


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“It was a total disaster, to put it mildly,” recalls Eloise Goldman of the previous state of her home office. “My desk was piled high with papers, broken printers and fax machines were taking up space, and there were magazines everywhere!” For assistance in reworking the 500-square-foot room, she sought the expertise of Mary Zipkin, founder of Knack of All Trades, a top organization and styling service with a track record of crafting order out of chaos. Zipkin immediately diagnosed Goldman’s problem: “When you have a home office that’s a nice, roomy size,” she explains, “it can quickly become a holding tank for unneeded items.” With Zipkin’s guidance, Goldman cleared the room of unnecessary clutter, while adding works from her enviable art collection as well as elegant, functional furnishings (including many items from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, where Goldman is the VP of public relations and special events). “Now it feels like my own private sanctuary,” she says, “serene, attractive, and filled with my most prized possessions.”