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Photography by Molly Winters

Minimalism. Clean lines. Bright, open spaces. These are just some of the things that come to mind when we consider modern design. From well-considered architecture and streamlined appliances to the genuinely curated objects that personalize a space, at its core, modern design is the intersection of form and function. It is purposeful, yet aesthetically driven. We asked some domino design industry friends to share their interpretation of ‘modern design’ and how they approach the idea in their own work.

Claire Zinnecker

Owner/Designer, Claire Zinnecker Design @clairezinnecker

Modern to me means that the design is focused on the space: its architecture and aesthetics. It values clean lines and attention to the geometry of the space. It is a style that never changes and one that I, personally, think never goes out of style!

Photography by Matt Fukushima

Graham Sadtler

Director of Industrial Design, Bosch Home Appliances North America  @boschhomeus

Modern is the intersection of form and function.  It is simple, authentic, and timeless.  Modern Design is everything you need, and not more.

Photography by Green Apple Photography/Lindsey Stewart

Brandi Hines

Owner/Designer, Brandi Hines Events + Design @brandihinesevents

In my opinion, modern design is simple and uncomplicated. Modernism came about after some pretty detailed driven design eras, such as the Victorian era and the Gothic era, and, like many before it, they were all very ornate. After these periods of design, I think people craved a more simplistic way of living throughout all aspects of their life. The style is all about clean lines and bright, open spaces. Modern design done well incorporates curated, meaningful items in a strategic way, leaving your space cozy, yet clean, and with minimal clutter. 

Photography by Deborah Anderson

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

CEO/Founder, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design @martynbullard

Modern for me is defined in comfort. Comfort is the ultimate luxury–a modern interior should be all and only comfortable. Nothing too precious looking or oddly shaped that you should be scared to touch or sit in, just rooms and interiors that are at once tactile, fresh, alluring and inviting.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Jennifer Hunter and Georgie Hambright

Owners/Designers, J+G Design @jandgdesign

When one thinks of modern, he/she typically thinks clean lines, minimalism, and a neutral color palette.  However, as our clients are mostly young New York City families, we cater to their lifestyle and needs.  To us, modern design is a return to a functional yet stylish home, boasting an eclectic use of materials, textures, and styles. This mix allows us to create a home that is comfortable and cozy, yet polished and curated.  We believe that no space should have to sacrifice style!

Photography by Studio Kenji

Ben Andres

Head of Architecture, OPUS

Modern means being open-minded and curious: trying to push things forward while also being respectful of the past. It requires observation, innovation, and stimulation, utilizing every opportunity to challenge yourself and challenge your surroundings. Modern designers and architects conceive thought-provoking creations that appear effortless, authentic, and optimistic.

Photography by Cindy Gold

Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith Home @windsorsmithhome

What does ‘modern’ mean to you?Forward facing and confidently open, while still connected to one’s unique history. An exercise in reduction or distillation. Modern decor specifically is intentionally edited to only that which is meaningful to you, with enough negative space to enjoy your choices completely.

Photography by Weston Wells

Katrina Hernandez and Josh Greene

Owners/Designers, Hernandez Greene @hernandezgreene

We think of modern design like an Agnes Martin painting. Rigorously considered and technically executed, with a deceptively simple result.  Chic without the appearance of effort.

Photography by KEVIN TACHMAN

Brad Ford Owner/Interior Designer, Brad Ford ID

I often associate the term “modern” with curiosity, courage and confidence. Looking at something from a fresh perspective, asking yourself “what if or why not” and then taking the risk to try and find your answer. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but at least you explored new territory. Whether it’s an unconventional furniture lay-out, an unexpected wall treatment, or mixing unrelated furniture styles, experimenting with new ideas and concepts not only feels modern but necessary in order to stay inspired.

Photography by DOUG BERRY

Vanessa Matsalla

Owner/Designer, Studio Matsalla @studiomatsalla

Modern design translates to clean lines and simplicity; an understated elegance that exercises restraint.

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