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The fireplace has traditionally been a place where people gather together. Telling stories. Toasting marshmallows. Warming up on a chilly winter’s night. What about that ledge that can handle a bunch of decorative things? Here are 22 unique ideas for dressing the mantel.

Punctuate a calm all-white scheme with pops of color in the form of small poinsettias. Sleek metal accents keep the look fresh and contemporary.

Mounted stag heads not quite your style? Soften up the look with a bouquet of flowers, stacked books, and a metallic decorative object for a more quirky-cute vibe.

This off-white fireplace seamlessly blends into the walls, providing the illusion of a bigger room, while simultaneously serving as a resting place for artwork and baubles.

The juxtaposition of the sleek black veined marble interior and white moldings anchors the neutral palette of the room. Symmetrically arranged lamps in white and gold add nonchalant polish.

Play up the cozy vibes of the floral wallpaper and arrange a collection of sentimental photos and knickknacks on a floating shelf above the mantel.

Not enough space on your walls? Stagger artwork on the mantelpiece for that casual-yet-perfectly-arranged portrait wall look.

Add some black and white decorative pieces for a sophisticated play on neutrals.

Mimic the clean but cozy lines of the room with a few sentimental images flanked by symmetrical candles in glass urns.

A major piece of art is sometimes all a mantelpiece needs. Make the focus the painting by keeping the rest clutter-free. Shop art that speaks to your style. 

Add some visual interest to a mantel with a draping floral arrangement in a brightly colored vase.

A well-arranged mantel creates something to talk about without overwhelming the room.  Shop art that speaks to your style.

Mantel space is perfect for displaying a few trinkets to tie together the color scheme. Hello, turquoise blue.  Shop mirrors that work with your style.

Let the bold prints and jungle touches speak for themselves. A simple mirror and flowers in the same color scheme are the perfect subtle extras. Shop mirrors

Fake the appearance of a larger room with a tall mirror strategically placed above the fireplace. Shop our selection of mirrors

Lucite candlesticks will give the illusion of floating lights, drawing the eye into the hypnotic circular mirror.  Shop mirrors

Offset the cool granite fireplace with cheery paintings and charming arrangements of little animal figurines.  Shop our collection of artwork

Contrast the whimsical colored rabbits nesting below with a glamorous gilded mirror bordered by scrolling columns.  Shop mirrors

A curated collection of curios with silver accents perfectly complements the rustic chic scheme.

Color-coordinated ornaments enclosed in sleek glass domes make for eye-catching conversation starters.

Pair greenery with candlesticks for an effortless way to add elegance to any room.

Use a mantel to show eclectic knickknacks you’ve picked up along your world travels.

Add personality to a dark and glamorous room with a large mirror framed by flowers and a stack of colorful books.