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Photography by Michael Wiltbank

produced by   ANNA KOCHARIAN photography by  MICHAEL WILTBANK

Your medicine cabinet may be curated to the T, but could you say the same for your makeup bag? A total makeover can be quite stressful and parting with your beloved products entirely unthinkable. So we decided to spill (literally) the contents of our own makeup bags, to hopefully inspire a little pre-

spring cleaning

of your own. Take a look!

Photography by Michael Wiltbank

starting out Invert the bag and remove smudges and stains using makeup remover wipes.

keep it or leave it Chances are, the items you carry with you are the ones used most regularly. However, it never hurts to assess the frequency with which each piece is used, and to leave the ones rarely in rotation behind.

Photography by Michael Wiltbank
  1. Keep brushes away from water-based products such as lotion or foundation as they could potentially damage the bristles. Compact travel cases are key in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria on the brush.
  2. Liquid foundations and oil-based lipsticks have a shelf life of only about a year, so if you have one that is older, toss it out!
  3. Use cosmetic sanitizing wipes to remove excess powder from the interior of the compact.
  4. Unless you’re working with the more durable glass variety, replace basic nail files every three months or so, to avoid transferring infections to your cuticles.
Photography by Michael Wiltbank
  1. Repair broken powder simply by crushing the bits together and dabbing a few droplets of rubbing alcohol on top. Get the scoop here!
  2. The average shelf life of mascara is as short as three months – hang on to it a bit longer and you may be at risk for an eye infection.
  3. Spatulas are excellent tools for extending the life of foundation and keeping it germ-free. The liquid variety will last about six months to a year, while foundation powders can be kept for upwards of two years.