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Day after day, your work bag functions as a carry-all for life’s needs. If you’re not careful, your bag can become heavy and over-filled with gum wrappers, receipts from six months ago, and pens you accidentally stole from that restaurant you went to one time. Stick to the bare minimum by using your bag to carry only the essentials. Here, these accessories are fundamental to everyday life, while still maintaining a chic appearance.

This stylish hand lotion comes in a beautiful blue tube that’s on-trend for fall. Infused with shea butter and hints of grapefruit, it keeps your hands moisturized while leaving a lasting scent that will wake you up (no coffee needed).

Blotting Papers

Whether you’re running errands around town or just simply running late, these blotting papers soak up all the excess oil left on your face. These sheets are all-natural and made for all skin types – what’s not to love?

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Geometric Bobby Pins

You never know when you’ll need a bobby pin to pull your hair away from your face. These silver hammered geometric pins look artisanal without the high pricetag.

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Keep a chic book in your bag for the times when you need some fresh inspiration. This book is as beautiful as it is interesting, and you won’t want to put it down.

All eyes are on you with this phone case. The case is made with impact-absorbent material, so it can withstand being tossed around in your bag when on the go.

Smooth Operator Buffer File

Prepare for the inevitable broken nail with a nail file that also functions as a nail buffer. Your nails will thank you.

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A mint lip balm is the perfect two-in-one product. This cooling balm works as both a lip moisturizer and a quick-fix breath freshener.

Feed your sweet tooth by having a bag of hard candies on hand. They’re a great quick fix for when you need something sweet.

Dry shampoo is a necessity for a mid-day refresh. A powder formula, like this one, is travel-friendly and fits discreetly in your bag.

Copper Corkcicle Canteen

Keep your water ice cold with this metallic canteen. Both functional and stylish, you’ll never want to go back to plastic water bottles again.

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Be prepared for the next time you need to write down a note or to-do list. This small, thin notebook is a lifesaver.

These grey-framed sunglasses complement any outfit and provide you with 100% UVA + UVB protection. Can you say “win-win”?

Midnight Everyday Agenda

An ornate agenda like this one is just the right size to jot everything down for the week, but compact enough to stow away easily in your bag. The hardcover and perfect binding make it a durable asset for your everyday life.

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Takenaka Double Bento Box

This space-saavy lunch box comes with a built-in fork and two sections. The fun box set will inspire you to bring your lunch, rather than buy it, more often.

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USB Tassel Keychain

Running out of phone battery is the worst. This decorative tassel clips right onto your bag so you never have to go without a charging cord.

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Inhale these essential oils, and exhale the stress. This aromatherapy oil promotes creativity and well-being for when the going gets tough.

Small Zip Pouch

Organize all your smallest bag accessories with this bright and fun zippered pouch.

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Throw a few of these in your bag so you’ll always have something to write with. Next time your office mate needs to borrow a pencil, you’ll be “totes on the same page.”

Protect your most important asset: your laptop. This patterned sleeve is lightly padded for protection and features leather piping.