#locallyinspired: chattanooga charms

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Mornin’ ya’ll … from grand ole Tennessee. I am Maggie, a freelance photographer & stylist with a small batch clothing label @nadestudio. I have had the tremendous pleasure of spending a huge chunk of my life in NYC, Vermont, Italy, France, and Asia — but a few years ago I moved back to my hometown of Chattanooga. It has Southern charm, quaint details, a lively creative community, and ethical ideals that speak to my sentiments. Let’s jump into some of my favorite spots that are sure to inspire you too.

Can’t start my day without coffee and carbs. My favorite coffee spot in town is @copaceticcoffee. They are rowdy pioneers of coffee culture here in Chattanooga alongside @velocoffee.

After ordering up my first coffee ofthe day, I’ll snag a spot at the bar where I’m more than likely scarf down a buttermilk biscuit at @thefarmersdaughterchattanooga. They are a farmer-to-table eatery located on the northshore in a converted auto service station.

@theclaypot is a creative staple in the northshore. The old cottage house doubles as home goods shop and a floral boutique. The space is impeccably curated with knick-knacks and locally sourced heirloom dahlias and mums from @southerlyflowerfarm.

Spear-heading the food culture in Chattanooga is @stjmeetingplace and executive chef @chefrebeccabarron. Every essence of the restaurant, from it’s historic renovation of an old hotel, to the locally and seasonally sourced foods, to their artful plating and pairings speaks profoundly to their intentional and mindful maxim to stay rooted in the region. Rebecca reimagined Southern staples into a singular and delicious dish pictured called Beets + Beans + Biscuits … which I luckily got to taste. 🙂

Just a hop away from St. John’s is the boom art district, which houses the visually sensitive masters in the Chattanooga community. An artist dear to my heart is sculptor, painter, and free thinker, @cessnadecosimo. His studio/home is a 100 year old warehouse converted to hold his living and working needs.

My home has a plethora of plants – herbs, ficus trees, succulents … even a seven year old jade plant. All of which once called @thebarnnursery home. Even if I am not in the market for a new plant pet, I love wandering through their greenhouse.

James Baldwin said “perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.” This spot on along the Tennessee River Gorge will always feel like home to me – its unchanging freedom and effervescent beauty draws me in and fills my soul.