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The first thing you see when you enter Luke Edward Hall’s London apartment, which he shares with his partner, Duncan Campbell, is a hallway drenched in bright yellow paint and covered in framed artwork. There’s a pedestal resembling an Ionic column, a few New Yorker covers, a handful of maps. It didn’t always look like this, though—just a few years ago, the walls were bright green. Hall’s home, as is his work, is always evolving, except for one constant: his distinct penchant for all things whimsical.

“We like to switch colors up fairly often when we fancy a change,” he says. “I really wanted a glossy egg yolk–yellow hallway. It puts a smile on my face every time I walk through the door.”

Photograph © Rebecca Reid

In Hall’s first book, Greco Disco: The Art and Design of Luke Edward Hall, the creative shares his mood boards, past work, and inspirations—plus a peek inside his home. Featuring a signature style that could have been developed by Wes Anderson (in collaboration with Donna Tartt, while on vacation in Positano), the apartment is an eclectic collage of contrasting colors (emerald green meets bubblegum pink!), varying patterns (dots and kilim!), and a vast book collection that he says will always stay a main facet of the space.

Photograph © Rebecca Reid

As an artist and designer, Hall uses this personal haven as a place to experiment. “We want to create a bit of fantasy with the design of our home,” he says. “We’ve just put in a new kitchen, which we helped to design—it has a giant pediment above the cupboards complete with finials, and the woodwork is painted a very intense shade of cobalt blue. The backsplash tiles are painted with a bamboo pattern, and to top it all off we put in a green granite work top. It’s quite mad, but in our home we are, of course, free to have fun and do exactly what we want.”

Photograph © Tom Harford-Thompson

When you have an apartment that also functions as a creative studio, inspiration flows constantly. “We’ve designed things particularly for the apartment. For example, Duncan has made a coffee table and I have made ceramics, side tables, and other bits and pieces,” Hall says. “We can try things out at home.”

Drawings of stylish, artful gentlemen; romantic tablescapes; and fashion collaborations with Semaine and Stubbs & Wootton are just some of the results of all that brainstorming. And in Greco Disco, his magical universe—at home and beyond—can be soaked up and enjoyed as a whole. “Our personal space is an extension of our work,” he says. “There’s no boundary between this and what we make and put out into the world.”

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