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14 Painted Kitchens That Make a Case for Colorful Living

Get the scoop on the palettes we're craving this season.
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Terrazzo flooring, a muted pink and green combo, and sleek, mid-century modern furnishing earmark this kitchen as one seriously trendy spot. Drawing color inspiration via the eclectic hues of the flooring, the decorative details—dining chairs, art, lighting—easily fall into place.

Photography by Sisters Agency

Who could imagine that such a dreamy color duo could exist? Dulux’s 2018 color of the year, Heart Wood, embodies the visual qualities of a warm neutral, all the while instilling a refreshing color detail that works with just about any surface or material. We found proof via this inspired kitchen, which features a welcome refresh on the typical.

Pink and green is the combination that has been making waves this season, and this colorful spot proves just why we can’t get enough of it. British Columbia-based eatery Superbaba boasts a vibrantly bold retro interior with no shortage of fresh colors and inspired details. We’re definitely taking a few style cues from this one.

Photography by Lauren D Zbarsky

Leave it to this 18th-century Swedish house to school us in living colorfully. The understated aesthetic of the kitchen emulates the streamlined minimalism we love about

Scandinavian style

, yet it also manages to introduce a fearless color detail via the intricately patterned blue tiles of the backsplash.

Deep, dark kitchens often come paired with brass or gold hardware, but we’re loving the pops of silver and white that accent this Scandinavian space, instead.

It comes as no surprise that a kitchen as vibrantly colorful and effortlessly chic as this, would belong in an immaculately-designed seaside home on Australia’s Victorian coast. Who knew that a concrete backsplash and a blush wall paint would work so well with one another?

Set against a whitewashed backdrop, a handful of pastel shades come paired with navy blue accents, establishing a dynamic finish that’s fit for the modern kitchen with elegant flair.

If there’s anything this space has taught us, it’s that black is in fact a color. Pair it with a slightly contrasting shade of gray, rustic elements, and fresh greens for a more lively look.

With a femme chic feel and a modern edge, this spot has us desperately plotting a kitchen reno of our own.

Hard as it may be to overlook the stunning combo of gray and yellow, we’re completely captivated by the mirrored stove that more or less steals the show.

An eclectic handful of decorative styles – an intricately tiled backdrop, slate cabinets, and an exotic floor piece – lend a colorful touch to this California kitchen.

Coupled with sleek black pendants and brass hardware, this mod kitchen with gray celadon accents is the definition of contemporary elegance.

Baby blues rule in this absolutely dreamy space of Swedish food blogger Waltzing Matilde. A hint of marble plus blue cabinets complete the look.

A true blue oasis furnished with copper and brass hardware, and a whitewashed aesthetic, found in actress Nina Dobrev‘s West Hollywood escape.