Bed Bath & Beyond is every college freshman’s favorite one-stop shop (for good reason, the retailer has everything), but celebrity interior designer Jeremiah Brent wants you to continue turning to the big-box store even after graduation. He recently partnered with the company to style its new in-house brand in a New York City penthouse, proving Bed Bath & Beyond’s pieces can be beautiful (and functional) essentials for adult life. 

bedroom vanity
Bed Bath & Beyond

For the 200 products in Studio 3B, launching October 4, versatility is key. The bathroom shelving units are pretty enough to be used as bookcases in a living room. And when styling the show apartment, Brent made one of the counter stools pull double duty by using it as a nightstand. 

The on-trend assortment is designed to elevate any room without a whopping price tag. Prices range from $8 for shelf upgrades like a faux succulent to $200 for larger statements such as an arched floor mirror or minimalist bedroom vanity. IKEA who?