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Terra-cotta and plants have been keeping each other company for centuries (even the Ancient Greeks were big fans of the unglazed earthenware). But when you consider the fact that houseplants do so much more than cover up unsightly corners (they also rid the air of toxins and can even boost your productivity), don’t you think they deserve a home that’s a little more exciting? 

Fortunately, there are plenty of other dedicated plant parents out there who only want the very best for their greenery. While the rest of us have been relying on boring store-bought planters (yawn), they’ve been coming up with new, outside-the-pot displays for their succulents, fiddle-leaf figs, and every seedling in between. Here, discover our favorite unexpected ways to showcase your indoor plants.

Mount Them on a Trellis

Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals took a cue from the garden for this creative wall display in her Utah kitchen. The blogger built her own indoor lattice by cutting 15-inch-long boards with a miter saw (though you can easily find a ready-made trellis at your local hardware store) and created small pockets from strips of leather to hold the containers. “I love the trellis wall. It’s such a statement-making wall and a great way to bring in a mix of plants,” says Gubler. If your succulent collection has overtaken the windowsill, this floor-to-ceiling hack will put an end to the clutter. 

Sit Them in Dowel Nooks 

Another trick for your littlest guys: Float them in dowel planters. Gubler’s second “living wall” display calls for some woodworking skills, but never fear: The pro makes the process of cutting the pieces and pre-drilling the screw holes look easy. Psst: The folks at Home Depot (or wherever you go when you’re craving a weekend project) can also lend a hand with the trimming.

Suspend One From a Hoop

Hanging planters have been popular for a while, but have you ever made one yourself? This is one of Gubler’s simplest DIYs. The project calls for just three floral hoops (two large ones to create the rings and a small one to actually hold the container), wire, leather lace, and a chain.

Add Some Funky Texture

You don’t even need to totally get rid of your terra-cotta planter to spice things up. Molly Madfis of Almost Makes Perfect gave hers a quirky new look with some white spray paint and 3D dots molded out of polymer clay. FYI: To get the studs to stick, use bake-and-bond glue and put your finished piece in the oven to set.

Elevate Them Off the Floor

These quirky three-legged baskets look like they could walk right off. All Fall for DIY’s Francesca Stone did was attach Pretty Peg’s Svea 150 Legs (the kind you use to upgrade IKEA furniture!) to the bottom of ordinary woven planters with the tools provided in the kit (a Hex Allen key, metal plates, and bolts). Done and done.

Raid Your Pantry

Who could have guessed the coolest planters are really serving bowls? Ashley Rose from Sugar and Cloth designated a small kitchen bowl for the base and chose a larger white bowl to hold her plant (as well as rocks for drainage). Then, she let Gorilla Glue work its magic.

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