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Sweet, sun-warmed cherry tomatoes right off the vine are one of the best summer treats. And you don’t have to be a gardener (or even have a garden) to get in on it; all you really need is a big container in a sunny spot to have your own harvest of these delicious little jewels.

how to grow

If you start with seedlings (little plants) rather than seeds, growing cherry tomatoes is quicker and easier. Since tomatoes are vines, you’ll usually need to support their growth with stakes; you can try using bamboo canes stuck into the pot or ground at planting time. Every few days, tie the new growth to the cane with a bit of twine. Water tomato plants deeply at their base every few days, and pinch off any side shoots that grow. Once plants flower, feed them tomato fertilizer regularly.

how to eat

Cherry tomatoes are wonderful for grazing straight from the plant. For a salad, cut them in half and mix with finely sliced red onion and lots of parsley. The dressing for these sweet tomatoes should always be sharp, so use red-wine vinegar (with olive oil) to give it a kick. Get the heirloom tomato salad recipe.

how to serve

There are few prettier vegetables—or correctly speaking, fruit—than cherry tomatoes. Harvest them on the vine, then set them on a big flat platter on the kitchen table. Who needs flowers?