tidy garden tips to use this weekend

tips for a beautifully kept green space!

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Having your own garden is like having a little piece of heaven just outside your door. It’s an oasis and a safe haven for you, your friends, and family. However, just like with all good things in life, it needs care and attention from you to stay perfect. It’s not just you who enjoys your garden – there are insects, birds, frogs, and slugs who like it just as much. To keep your garden looking neat and fresh, you should put some effort into it and make sure your plants and soil are okay.

Make sure you have the right tools

There are some garden tools you just cannot do without. You will need a nice pair of gardening gloves; they will protect your hands and allow you to work on your plants and soil safely. Garden fork and trowel are also a must, and wheelbarrow as well so you don’t have to carry heavy items and soil in your arms. Long handled spade for planting, and steel rake for freshly mowed grass and autumn leaves should also be in your shed, and a hoe for weeding and furrowing too.

Make room for all the tools

Having a lot of tools is great, it means you are well-prepared for gardening, but storing those things can be a nightmare. Luckily all you need to make your shed look as neat as your garden is a PVC pipe which you can use to make  PVC tool holders . You can use parts of the pipe and cut it at an angle. Simply attach the pieces to a plywood in your shed, and array the tools in such way that you maximize the use of space. You will hardly believe how much room you’ll have afterward.

Get rid of weeds

You cannot help it – all things in your garden grow, and so does weed. It grows all the time and is a real pain in the neck, since weed killer chemicals are harmful for your grass and plants as well. Your only solution is to pull it out. If you want, you can take a hoe and dig around your plants, but carefully so you don’t damage them. Luckily, weed does not grow on places with many plants, so it is a good idea to throw a few vegetable seeds where soil is bare, and enjoy your organic cucumbers and tomatoes which will grow on weed-free soil.

Make your own wasp trap

To prevent wasps from eating your fruit and grapes, you can make a few wasp traps in no time. During summer and autumn, when wasps will be destroying your grapes, simply use a few inches of soda, apple juice, or put sugar in some water and hang the bottle on a tree. You can easily make a  wasp trap  using only empty water bottle and some string. To keep bees safe from your traps, put a bit of vinegar to the liquid; this will keep them out.

Know when to water

There are people who simply forget to water their plants and wait for rain to fall, while there are others who torture their plants by watering them too much. Remember, infrequent but thorough watering is much better choice than shallow regular one, since deep soaking will encourage roots to reach deep into the soil. Not all plants need the same amount of water, so the best thing is to keep your hose reel close and occasionally water your garden. This is much better and more convenient than carrying heavy watering can all across the backyard. Even better,  install a sprinkler system .

Having a clean and tidy garden will not only make you feel good, it will make you want to spend more time outside end enjoy the loveliness of your surroundings. A well-kept garden is also a reflection of a dedicated, hard-working person, and it’s bound to make a positive influence on you and your friends. Invest a bit of time and effort in your garden and you’ll surely reap the serene benefits it can provide.