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IKEA just launched its new STOCKHOLM 2017 collection, and it’s a beautiful nod to modern Scandinavian life. Consisting of 47 unique pieces, the collection balances natural, sustainable textures like rattan with modern accents like lush velvet and traditional Swedish hand-blown glass.

Since the first STOCKHOLM collection in 1984, IKEA has set out to curate a selection of materials of the highest quality in form and function, at a low price. This year’s collection, inspired by Swedish light and nature, is no different—skillfully crafted for coziness and durability in everyday use. Creative lead Viveca Olsson writes: “The collection is made with the same values in mind that STOCKHOLM has always stood for—exciting quality for everyday use, long-lasting products made with graceful materials, pieces with well thought-out, everyday function and warm, human qualities with a caring, homey feel.

I was thinking about how the weather affects the expression of water,” says Hanna Dalrot, who experimented with watercolors to design these handcrafted textile patterns.

Inspired by the traditional Swedish craft, the STOCKHOLM 2017 collection boasts a unique selection of hand-blown glass bowls, carafes, and serving plates.

The collection is set to hit US stores in April.