We Can’t Wait For IKEA’s Spring 2018 Collaboration, And Here’s Why

Inside the retailer's upcoming fashion-focused partnership.

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Maximalists, get ready: the collection of your dreams will be in IKEA stores this time next year.

The Swedish furniture giant just announced an upcoming collaboration with Swedish-born fashion designer and stylist Bea Åkerlund. The limited-edition OMEDELBAR collection will include a variety of statement decor pieces, each meant to elevate the individual style of your space in the same way that personal accessories do.

If you don’t immediately recognize Åkerlund’s name, you’ve undoubtedly seen her work. She has worked with the biggest names in music and art over a career spanning 20+ years. She was responsible for styling four of the music videos from Beyoncé’s 2013 eponymous album, has been a guest judge on Sweden’s Project Runway, and put together the costume for Madonna’s iconic Super Bowl performance. She also once incorporated live butterflies into Katy Perry’s dress for her Harper’s Bazaar Icons performance, so she’s no stranger to pushing boundaries.

Åkerlund, who calls herself a fashion activist, is constantly stepping outside the box to stretch the limits of creativity and self-expression through her flamboyant creations. We can expect a similarly innovative approach to her collaboration with IKEA, which hits U.S. stores in Spring 2018.

More details about this exciting partnership will be revealed during IKEA’s Democratic Design Days in early June. Until then, feel free to start brainstorming your best maximalist decor ideas in preparation for what’s sure to be an unconventional and bold collection.

Elly Leavitt

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