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by Michelle Gage

That horribly disorganized drawer under the stove is a constant reminder than we can all do better. There’s a reason all of your pots and pans have that little hole at the end of their handles. They were meant to literally hang out with each other in your kitchen, rather than being awkwardly balanced in a drawer or cabinet. We’ve pulled together a few bright ideas and inspiring arrangements certain to kick off your pots and pans project.

First up, one of our favorites. We really don’t use pegboards enough, you know? Against a deep blue pegboard, your pots and pans pop!

An industrial style kitchen is the perfect style for keeping pots and pans always on display.

Placed on a deconstructed palette, your cookware becomes art!

Hang your cookware and utensils right where you keep your grocery list.

Pick your kitchen’s smallest wall and fill it with pots and pans.

Facing all directions, these pots and pans become decoration.

Hung above your kitchen island, these shiny sauce cookers become the room’s focal point.

Match your pots and pans to its shelving for a unified look.

Right above the oven, where you need them most, is the perfect place to hang your pans.

Under shelving and hooked on slim silver bars, these pans are always right where you need them.

Mixed metals combine to create a stunning set up.

Above your tiled backsplash, put your cookware on display.

A chalkboard wall is the perfect way to spruce up your storage section.

In your open pantry, hang your cookware on a simple white pegboard.

Create a custom wooden wall unit for all of your cooking implements.

Copper piping holds your favorite vintage cookware.

Where cabinets are lacking, hang your beloved pots and pans high over your countertops.

Neatly tucked into an empty pocket, stash your pots and pans.

Gain a little extra space by sneaking in space at the end of your cabinetry.