how to remove red wine stains

Stains happen. The oldest and simplest solutions are sometimes the best.

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Party fouls happen. A quick response can the right approach is all you need to zap stains. The The goal is to “lift” the red wine off of the fibers by diluting it and wiping it away. Dab stain with paper towels to absorb as much wine as possible. Do not rub it! Then try any of these 5 stain-removing tricks.


Spread liberally over stain, let dry, wash with cold water and detergent.

club soda

The salt solution has been improved, by pouring club soda on top of the stain first. Sometimes the soda alone is enough. Sometimes both soda and salt are enough.

dishwashing liquid & hydrogen peroxide

Three parts hydrogen peroxide to one part dishsoap. Pour the solution on and let it sit for a little while and continue adding solution (and letting it sit again) until the stain magically disappears. No need to rub or scrub, just wait.

bicarb soda & vinegar

Sprinkle a little bicarb soda on the stain. The stain will change from red to pale grey. Wring out a cloth in white vinegar, wipe, leave to dry and vacuum.

hot water

Stretch the stained area over a bowl and then pour boiling/near-boiling water right through it. Works like a charm!