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Clutter is a nightmare come true. Despite our best efforts, piles of magazines, mail, bills, receipts, and loose, random papers seem to pop up around house in the blink of an eye. Even with a filing system in place, sometimes it takes a few too many days (or weeks) for random papers to make it to their final resting place. But if you’re determined to make 2016 your most minimalist year yet, read on for major organization inspiration.

go paperless

All it takes is going into your settings on websites for your bank, cable, and electric companies. You’ll receive email reminders to pay in your inbox, create less waste, and mail won’t pile up. That sounds like a win-win-win if you ask me.

organize file cabinets

Some things are nice to have in writing on paper. Think important things like your lease and bills, and meaningful mementos like birthday cards, concert tickets, and more. It is also advisable to keep organized folders for your cable company, car insurance, whoever provides your gas and electric, and any notices from your bank.


file holders

If you don’t have enough space for file cabinets, these smaller holders will do just fine—and can fit just about anywhere. Throw them on a shelf, bookcase, desk, or even the ground to keep your important papers organized.

HAY paper organizer

If you don’t even have enough papers to fill up a file holder, consider this chic update to the file folder. The HAY Plisse folder stores your loose papers and has a graphic design that will go with any interior or lifestyle. Bonus: it’s mobile. Throw it in your bag for meetings on-the-go.

scan your papers

If you don’t have space for file holders or cabinets or you made the decision to go completely digital, simply scan your important papers. If your volume of papers that need to be scanned is small, ditch the clunky printer and use your phone instead. There are lots of apps, like CudaSign, that allow you to scan and send documents in a matter of seconds.

go for the trashcan

Most of us have hoarding tendencies and don’t even realize it. Holding onto memorable magazines and newspapers is fine, but holding onto all of them? Not so much. Do a paper purge and get rid of stuff you no longer need. Make sure to cut up or shred important documents.