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domino scores an original project from the all-star team behind the DIY Playbook. Ready. Set. Get that glue gun ready to go.

what you’ll need:

Cake pan (16”)
Newspaper/wrapping paper
Spray paint
Power drill
Hot glue gun

Step 1:

 Using a power drill, make 2 holes on each side of the cake pan for a total of 4 holes. These holes will be the handles for the tray. By drilling first, you don’t risk chipping or damaging the paint on the tray later on.

Step 2:

Place one piece of tape across the entire pan to create a simple geometric pattern. After carefully attaching the tape, add some old wrapping paper or newspaper to protect the remainder of the cake pan from getting sprayed. This step is essential for creating crisp, clean lines. 

Step 3:

Using spray paint in the color of your choice, spray the exposed cake pan to create a serious pop of color.

Step 4:

Once the paint has completely dried, carefully remove the tape and wrapping paper to find a sleek and colorful tray. Almost done.

Step 5:

Time to secure the handles. Fish the rope through the previously drilled holes, pulling one piece of rope through each side of the tray for a total of two handles. You can tie each piece of rope into a knot to form more nautical inspired handles, or simply create a loop with the rope for a more traditional handle. Once you’ve created the handle of your choice, pull out that hot glue gun to secure the ends. (Rookie tip: Glue the ends underneath the existing rope so that you can’t see where the rope ends or any glue remnants. This would work for both looks.)

Step 6:

For the grand finale, add some personal accessories to spice up that glamorous new tray! This cake pan turned coffee table tray is a budget-friendly way to corral that coffee table clutter while showing off your colorful style.