Published on September 7, 2016

When it comes to redecorating a space, we are often inclined to make changes we deem to be easy but significant. This can come in a variety of forms, encompassing everything from bringing in new furnishings, to simply rearranging the ones we have. It’s easy to overlook the major defining factors of a space – case in point being the wall paint in a room. Sure it’s a hassle to redo, especially when your furniture is already moved in, but the difference new paint can have on a room is well worth the trouble (in our humble opinion). Here, we explore seven rather outdated paint colors, and the fresh shades you should be decorating with instead. Take a look!

beige: in the living room

Is it brown or is it beige? It’s really hard to tell. Either way, it’s entirely way too safe and snoozy to grace the walls of (one of) the most important rooms of a home. The living room is one of few spaces in a home where you can get away with bold splashes of color in the form of art, books, decorative accents, and more! A beige wall paint will limit the scope of colors with which to decorate, casting a monotone element to the space.

instead go for…

Designate a more dusty blush tone for the walls, and complement the hue with sleek copper details and eclectically colored art. Not only will this instill a refined element to the room, but it will also impart the space with a more modern feel.

paint colors to consider:

Calamine, Farrow & Ball
Rose Colored, Sherwin-Williams

dark brown: in the dining room

Nothing puts a damper on an evening of entertaining quite like a space that feels significantly more enclosed than it should. Case in point? This compact dining room, which is only further restricted by its exclusively dark brown decor, earmarked to emulate the similarly colored walls. 

instead go for…

A refined shade of slate that can err towards gray and a bold stone blue, depending on the way natural light hits the room. Pair the look with flooring in a contrasting hue, and fill the space with furnishings of a wooden finish. 

paint colors to consider:

Grey Douglas, Ralph Lauren Paint
Smoke, Benjamin Moore

baby blue: in the home office

We get it. It’s calming, soothing, and evokes all the right feelings and moments of zen – a must for a space that can be easily linked to stress. Though, if we’re being honest, we wouldn’t mind a little change up from the conventional, perhaps something along the lines of a more grown-up shade.

instead go for…

A daring colorblock, much like this charcoal and dusty rose combo. Not only will these shades impart the space with a more serious tone, it will instantly transform the typical home office into a trendy workspace that promotes functionality! 

paint colors to consider:

Primerose, Ralph Lauren Paint
Off-Black, Farrow & Ball

plum: in the bathroom

Nothing dates a space quite like a fearless splash of purple on the walls. Don’t get us wrong, we love the color, and in certain instances it can certainly make a room, but when it comes to the bathroom, a little change up can do some good.

instead go for…

Let the color of the room come in the form of a bright vanity or graphic wallpaper. Usher the room into the new era by opting for modern details such as sleek hardware, copper pulls, and a minimalist scheme.

paint colors to consider:

Commodore, Sherwin-Williams

yellow: in the kitchen

It’s bright, cheery, and full of energy, but we’re all for straying from the cliche shade of yellow for the homey kitchen. Especially when one is paired with an otherwise all-white palette.

instead go for…

An understated shade of sage green, reserved for the streamlined cabinets, elevates the soothing and timeless gray that decks the walls of this modern kitchen. Natural wooden shelves bring about warmth, while a curated selection of potted plants instill a more organic and inviting element to the room.

paint colors to consider:

Winter Solstice, Benjamin Moore
Nile River, Behr
Evening Shadow, Sherwin-Williams

dull gray: in the entryway

You know what we’re talking about. That shade of brown-meets-gray, which as been covering the walls of your entryway since the early 2000s, has got to go!

instead go for…

Bring in a more dominating hue to extend a more impressive detail to your home’s first impression. We’re loving the deep undertones of this stunning shade of navy, complemented by an oh-so-chic resting spot of a captivating shade of yellow.

paint colors to consider:

Club Navy, Ralph Lauren Paint
Summer Nights, Benjamin Moore

a turquoise

 colorblock: in the bedroom

We’ve all experienced a certain sort of infatuation with this hue, but gone are the days in which it graces our bedroom space! A more refined take on the color is certainly in order. 

instead go for…

Think of this sage green, with a deep gray undertone, as the more modern and sophisticated answer to the turquoise. Offset the depth of the color by opting for furnishings of a lighter make, linens included! Though we must admit, we love the rich gloominess of the dark gray bedding, coupled with the wall paint in this minimal (yet utterly dreamy) moment.

paint colors to consider:

Oval Room Blue, Farrow & Ball
Volute Green, Ralph Lauren Paint


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