Published on March 8, 2019

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Courtesy of Byredo

I apologize ahead of time for what you’re about to read: You are currently besieged by germs. There are good bacteria in this world (praise be for probiotics), but we’re talking bad, bad bacteria. MRSA can survive on airplanes for days, the New York City subway has over two million colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch, and car interiors contain more bacteria than a toilet seat. No wonder we feel sick pretty much constantly.

All hope is not lost though. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hand sanitizer is considered as effective at killing germs as washing your hands with soap and water. This is great news when you’re reaching for that muffin in your bag with one hand while holding the subway pole with the other. Kill that norovirus with hand sanitizer with eight products to test, based on your morning mode of transportation.

If You’re Flying

This is for the boss who wants their hand sanitizer to look as sleek as their Staud handbag and certainly doesn’t have time to catch a cold. This alcohol-based formula kills germs while simultaneously hydrating and imparting a fresh, heady rose scent.

If You’re Biking

For those who want to keep things chemical-free and clean, this Dr. Bronner’s organic hand sanitizer is perfect. It kills everything harmful and yet it doesn’t contribute to antibiotic resistance. Also, the bold lavender scent can double as an air freshener or even a deodorant.

If You’re Driving

For the individual riding solo or with their family, this simple hand sanitizer from The Honest Company will get the job done. The price is right, so it’d be possible to keep one in every single cup holder in your ride. Choose from lavender, grapefruit, unscented, and “coastal surf” and allow all passengers to spritz themselves down with the glycerin and aloe blend.

If You’re on the Subway

As mentioned above, a subway rider is about to interact with some serious germs and needs a powerful sanitizer, like this one from Jao, which acts as both a disinfectant and an aromatherapy boost in one bottle. That’ll come in handy when you’re stuck for minutes in between subways stations for unexplained reasons and need a zen, aromatherapy-based moment. It has a blend of antiseptic essential oils, like lavender, tea tree, and eucalyptus, and yet it still kills some of the most likely hand contaminants, like salmonella.

If You’re Skateboarding

Self-described as the “next generation of hand sanitizers,” this tidy, sleek option is meant to be tucked into a back pocket and taken on the go. Choose from eight scents, all of which are meant to be as hydrating as they are disinfecting.

If You’re Canoeing 

If you find yourself up close and personal with Mother Nature via canoeing, you’re likely to see firsthand what wasted plastics and materials can do to waterways. This hand sanitizer is for you then. It can kill 99.9 percent of bacteria on your hands, all the while not compromising the environment, thanks to the ethically obtained ingredients. The fresh herbal scent is so pure that you can even spray it on produce.

If You’re Walking

For the person who wants to take a walk (nature-filled or not) to work, this Austrian-made hand “tonic” kills germs with vegetable alcohol while treating skin with moisturizing silk proteins. The blend also features arnica, which feels wildly refreshing on sore or tech-reliant hands.

If You’re Hopping on a Ferry

Crossing a body of water to get to work? How refreshing. Allow this Aussie-based brand’s hand sanitizer to accompany you on your water-themed commute. The hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, and ethyl alcohol blend kills bacteria but in sleek fashion. And the cold-pressed sweet orange oil and sweet almond oil imparts the most delicious, luxe citrus scent. Spritz, spritz.

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