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Sure, you’ve got “Monster Mash” on your playlist, and you’ve concocted a witchy brew—but no Halloween party is complete sans some spirits (pun intended). These cobwebbed bottles are just the thing to lend your bar cart a creepy-cool vibe. In the spookiest of seasons, we love indulging in accents that give even the brightest and airiest homes a haunting twist (without getting into cliché territory). When those decorations can be DIY-ed in just a few minutes for practically nothing, they’re even better.

Best of all, you probably already have all the tools you need to make this creation tucked away in a drawer. So what are you waiting for? Something wicked this way comes.

The Supplies

  • Empty glass bottles, assorted in size
  • Laboratory flasks
  • Black rock candy
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Sprigs of dried lavender

The How-To

Step 1: Create Your Vignette


Assemble the bottles and test tubes on a bar cart or tray, as you normally would to serve drinks. (Once you begin adding the faux cobwebs, it may be a bit difficult to move the items around.)

Step 2: Get Gluing


Using the hot-glue gun, place a dab of glue on the tip of the taller bottle and let it sit for five seconds. Using the tip of the glue gun or a knife, gently drag the hot glue over the bottle and onto the top of one of the smaller vessels. Repeat the above step until all of the pieces are covered in faux cobwebs. Extend the effect onto the tray and even the walls. The strands can easily be removed once the evening is over.

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