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Unique. Unexpected. Not-too-pricey. Great gift ideas that will ensure you’ll always have a seat at that Easter or Passover table. (You’re welcome.)

juno 2-piece servers
Time to cut the cake? Finally. This colorful duo will get the job done in style.

charleston bloody mary mix
Consider brunch complete with a set that includes twelve 8-ounce bottles of Bold & Spicy mix. Consider yourself the guest bearing the greatest gift.

salted caramel sauce
For an over-the-top finishing touch, drizzle this decadent sauce over dessert.

leather spora
Some arrive with bouquets. You, on the other hand, show up with a set of three porcelain hanging planters.

telephone salt & pepper shakers
A pair worth talking about: Bright red porcelain salt and pepper shakers to spice up the Sunday dinner conversation.

two of a kind bar set
Cue this season’s party-hopping props: an eyeglass stopper and a bow corkscrew.

tangerine throw
Bright and snuggly cotton blend throw. File under: a gift idea that never gets old.

bottled cold-brew coffee
One bottle is ready to sip; one is a concentrate for diluting and will keep for four weeks.

dot/stripe salt & pepper shakers
Everyone knows how much we love mixing patterns. Tabletop included.

craft your own bitters kit
In lieu of another bottle of wine, bring something fancy to spice up the cocktails. (That’s the DIY spirit!)

pink himalayan salt
For the friend who sets an impeccable table and plates food like a pro: a salt that looks as lovely as it tastes.

roses candle
You have our permission to be predictable with your gift-giving choices when it’s a timeless scent in a pretty jar. Plus, this will outlast those garden stems.

sparton 6-pack carton
Show them you take their craft-brew connoisseurship seriously with a reusable leather-and-wood holder for the mix-and-match six packs they’re always picking up from the fancy beer shop.

square planter
With eye-catching burnt orange and white stripes, this ceramic planter is the perfect place for housing those springtime blooms.