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Enough with the surprise skydiving lessons or the expensive but so-not-his-look button-down that’s going to sit in the back of his closet gathering dust.
We’ve got a few ideas that are sure to please.

Unruly beards? Sensitive, nick-prone skin? This is a nourishing, non-lathering, not-so-secret shaving weapon.

Kiss smooch-induced beard burn goodbye with this soothing, smoothing, vitamin-E-infused formula.

As timeless as America’s pastime itself, this retro ball is stitched by hand and made from “pull-up” leather, a type that only gets better with age. (If only he could say the same for his standing Sunday-afternoon pick-up games.)

His apartment might be a total disaster, but at least his grooming tools are stored in one stylish spot.

Another tool kit? Not this year. Give him something fancy for spicing up cocktail hour.

We know he likes to drink it. Let the founders of Kings County Distillery teach him everything else about it (including how to make it).

He might not carry much, but he needs something rugged (read: must not resemble a man purse) to protect his mini.

It’s not often you can say of a tech accessory that no two are alike. In the case of these charging stations—each made from a totally unique piece of driftwood collected from the Maine coast and carved to fit cables for tablets—it’s shockingly, beautifully true.

Meet his new late night snack: five pretzel rods layered with creamy white chocolate, vanilla cookie crumbles, and colorful sprinkles. Worth celebrating? You bet.

Some guys would be delighted to receive a gift they could devour. No matter what he’s down for (sour? dill? spicy?), this set of pickles will hit a sweet spot.

His bar cart (or makeshift serving station) just got a few stylish accessories.

Because he likes to mix-and- match his craft brews as much as you like to play with your patterns.

Spoil one very special guy with these melt-in-your-mouth caramels made with whiskey, bourbon, and smoked salt.