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When you think of air travel today, the word “glamorous” hardly comes to mind. More likely than not, the idea of commercial air travel conjures up images of screaming babies and mystery meat wrapped in flimsy tin foil.

Gray Malin’s latest image series, aptly titled Bon Voyage, seeks to dispel that notion. His vibrant images bring back the romantic and luxurious idea of air travel that characterized the 1960s jet-set lifestyle. Described as a “modern take on the good life,” Bon Voyage features instantly-recognizable cultural figures through the lens of first class travel.

Each icon is depicted wearing their signature outfits, holding up their drink of choice in front of an airplane window. The collection was shot 30,000 feet in the air and includes odes to pop culture icons such as a Marilyn Monroe with “The Blonde” and Jackie Kennedy with “The First Lady”.

“I love the idea of pairing this series in multiples, as if you’re walking down the aisle taking in all your fellow passengers for the first time,” says Malin of the collection. You can purchase the prints online, starting at $249.

The Los Angeles-based photographer is known for his colorful and dreamy images, especially his aerial shots of beach, ski, and park scenes. His work is wanderlust-inspiring, and this collection is no exception.