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Cora L. Diekman

Black metal framing gives this glass partition a modern edge, and provides just enough divide between the living and bedroom while allowing ample light to flood in.  While this look may not work for every space, the bold framing also highlights the high ceilings, making up for any lack of square footage.

Colored glass partitions?  Absolutely!  This monochromatic office loft space is interjected with partitions in varying neutral tones, giving the room dimension and a touch of sophistication.  This look could also totally work in the home, too.  Take a cue from this space and opt for different shades of the same color to maintain an organized and modern feel.

We like a partition with options.  This divider is lined with a sheer curtain panel, providing additional privacy when needed.  And even when closed, natural light is still able to enter.

Sheer doesn’t work for everyone, which is why this linen curtain panel is another lovely option.  When you absolutely need distance from your home office at the end of a long day, draw that curtain closed.

Partitions come in all sizes.  In this case, a small bathroom is made larger by replacing a traditional shower curtain with a clear glass floor-to-ceiling panel – giving this space a roomier feel and a clean, modern vibe.

This multi-use room is proof that glass partitions are perfect for small spaces – providing definition without making a room feel cramped or closed off.  This partial glass divider resembles a pair of windows, allowing a view of the main living area and plenty of natural light.

A full wall partition that doubles as a door?  This swivel-action glass panel is pure genius.

This partition allows for a separate tub and shower in a small space that would otherwise be unable to accommodate both.  There’s also no fear of a shower curtain blocking light from the window, as this perfectly transparent glass partition practically disappears into the room.

When you absolutely need to carve out some separate space, a glass partition does the job beautifully.

While some partitions disappear into the room, this bold divider makes a major architectural statement that won’t go unnoticed.

They’re not only for the indoors – half wall glass partitions can double as a glam fencing alternative around a pool, as in the case of this dreamy backyard oasis.

At first look, it’s practically invisible.  This partial partition provides the sink area protection from splashing and creates the subtlest of definition in this ultra-modern and minimalist space.

Instead of a traditional banister or handrail, this clear glass divider gives the staircase an open feel, allowing full view of a drool-worthy set of floating modern stairs.

When there’s no room for a separate closet, a cleverly placed opaque partition can successfully carve one out of the smallest of bedroom spaces.

Dare we say this partition is mostly decorative?  And that’s perfectly fine with us.  Just lovely.

Why stop with one, when multiple layers of hanging glass dividers create a layered look that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  We’re also loving this idea for a modern residential loft space.

Just when you thought that glass partitions were for modern designs only, a partial glass wall is perfection in this semi-traditional space.

We’re loving the idea of a glass partition on a barn door-inspired track.  Not only is this divider a chic architectural addition, but it also doubles as a door that can open and close as you please.  Love!

Is it a partition?  A wall?  A door?  Whatever you call it, this glass divider is design perfection.