Why You Should Consider Giving Up Supplements

Powders and pills may be popular for wellness, but taking too many could make you feel worse.

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I adore anything and everything wellness, and I’m fascinated by supplements. It’s such a complex world of potions and magical herbs that promise to cure you. I’m always in pursuit of “being cured,” not from anything in particular but from, what feels like to me, very low energy and low moods. It’s one of the things that inspired me to start The Moment—a search for holistic wellness through food, beauty products, and your environment. Along the way, I’ve accumulated drawers and boxes full of powders, herbs, superfoods, adaptogens, and supplements that have all promised to “fix” my problems.

I never sleep well, I’m always a little anxious, and most of all I wish my energy could keep up with my ambition. I want to be Superwoman and do everything. Over the years I’ve searched and searched for a health guru who will make me feel like my best self. Each specialist has different solutions and supplements that I inevitably buy and take. Layered on top of that, I do lots of research. I read all the blogs and follow all the Instagram accounts. When Jean Godfrey-June of Goop writes about the wonders of Ashwagandha, I feel compelled to obey her subtle and convincing hints to click over to their e-commerce page and purchase. I mean, who doesn’t need some hormone re-balancing and immune system boosting?

To give you a sense of my supplement obsession, here’s a list of what I was taking:

Fish Oil/Omegas Multivitamin MacaPearl powder TocosProtein Powder Chlorophyll Ashwagandha Magnesium Acai Iron Pretty much everything from Sun Potion Probiotics Powders from Glow and Clean

This supplement addiction of mine had been going on for at least five years—that is up until two months ago when I met my naturopath Dr. Leila McGehee Tucker. I was introduced to her through my cousin in San Francisco who gave her rave reviews. During our first consultation, I listed all of my potions and pills, and she told me to immediately stop—more like, STOP—talking them all. She explained that my body can’t keep up with processing it all, and this was probably a big cause of my low energy. (Talk about an “ah-ha” moment.) My body was exhausted from sorting and sifting through all the stuff I was putting in it. Not only was I to quit the supplements, she also told me to make my food more simple. So instead of a 20 ingredient smoothies, I was instructed to keep it simple with just coconut water, berries, and a little coconut oil.

After just a couple days of paring down my routine, I started to feel better. I slowly but surely started to have more energy, and my mind felt clearer. Once I started to feel better, we revisited what I should be taking. We reintroduced a nutritional powder and some probiotics. That’s it for now, and I have to say I’m loving my new minimalist look. I’ve never felt better.