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Photography by Michael Wiltbank

We all have one—the person on our list who is downright impossible. Maybe it’s the brother who travels the world and has every indigenous mask, hat, and wall hanging to prove it. Maybe it’s the new mother-in-law whose taste you can’t yet pinpoint. One of these gifts will help you out of a jam. 

Right up the alley of a bowling aficionado or any friend with a quirky side. Get a spare set for next year.

Some people don’t want to capture inspiration on their iPhone notepads. This Japanese textile-covered notebook has 80 old school pages.

Destined to be the most gorgeous fruit bowl or mail catchall on the planet.

We can’t get enough of the unique flavor combinations that include a rich chocolate cappuccino and a brilliantly-coupled blueberry cinnamon! It’s the little piece of sweetness your holiday table is missing–conveniently cut in bite-sized pieces. 

A colorful find for the friend who’s going through a renovation or just likes to set a cheery table.

VTech Connect to Cell
Even the pickiest giftee will love catching up with this Bluetooth-enabled home phone. It pairs with up to two mobile phones, routes cell calls to the handset, and sends out alerts when new text, social media or calendar updates come through. Plus the built-in USB port charges a mobile device right from the base.
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Dinner with a side of humor. Once guests clean their plates, the dishes suggest the next move, like compliments chef, regardless.

It’s a sea urchin, a starburst, a subtle nod to a prickly relationship… Who cares when it’s so versatile and stylish? This objet works on a mantel, an entry table, or on top of a pile of papers. In small and large.

Do you have friends who just got married? Had a baby? They are going to be writing thank-you notes until July. This personalized stamp makes it easier.

Not yet ready to give in? Puppyhood features life-size photos of adorable pups taken at six weeks old. The book itself is oversize (13 by 11 inches), which means there’s plenty of space to bring each one to life.

Shameless plug? Maybe. We see it as a last-minute Christmas Day Miracle. Now you can email a the gift of domino, which is pretty much like gifting someone a free decorating shopping spree. 
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