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When we moved into our current home, one thing we loved about it was the potential for a nice garden space.  While having a green expanse for our four children to explore was a plus, my husband and I dreamed of an area filled with herbs, flowers, foliage, and vegetables.  The problem was, this area had suffered from decades of neglect and was basically a wasteland. We later heard from neighbors that in the 1920’s, this was a beautiful rose garden that people would stop by and see! More details about the “before” of our garden in this article.



After taking down an old chainlink fence, a new wood fence equal in height to the one next to it was added and painted charcoal grey to match. Then that old laundry pole was removed, the ground was turned over and new healthy soil was added, along with a sprinkler system, raised beds, grass and plants, a patio space for a table and chairs, and a lounge space.  

Since we spend so much time in this area, I knew it would be helpful to have a water source whether we were prepping a meal, potting plants, or washing off produce after harvesting from the garden. I found the solution while browsing one of my favorite local salvage stores where I spotted an old kitchen sink, complete with original faucet and cast iron drainboard top! I was in love, and it has been one of the most interesting and practical additions to our outdoor space. I use an old stoneware crock to hold fresh soil, and I also enjoy collecting vintage pots – you just can’t beat their patina and elegance! We spend many a meal in the garden, enjoying the fruits of our labor (literally!) and all of the pretty foliage around us.

Having a great outdoor dining set has been so wonderful!  We live in Texas where the weather is outdoor weather nearly year round, so we get to spend quite a bit of time with family and friends enjoying the garden. You can find our outdoor dining set here. Sitting back and lounging has also been a big positive of our garden. 

These pair of chairs  are nestled in the back of the space so we can look out on the raised beds and greenery, while keeping an eye on the kids. When I was planning the garden, I tried to pinpoint a theme to help the plants, furniture, and decor be cohesive, but not too forced.  I ended up going for an “English Garden Meets Regency” look. Our garden is truly one of my favorite elements of our home now!  For more details about our garden makeover, come visit me on  AStoriedStyle.com!