Framebridge’s Newest Collab Puts American Production At the Forefront

And it’s the only collection of solid hardwood frames currently on the market.

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Custom framing company Framebridge has been busy with its fair share of art partnerships, from a children’s print collection with Penguin to an affordable modern art line with AllModern. But its latest launch puts the actual frames at the forefront: Framebridge just launched its American Hardwoods Collection, which is the first ever range of solid hardwood frames to hit the market.

To produce the line, Framebridge tapped HGTV host and all-around woodworking connoisseur J. Pickens. Pickens, who picked up his love of woodworking from his father and grandfather, has worked with Framebridge for years on various projects before taking the creative lead on the Hardwoods Collection.  


“Before Framebridge created them, these high-end, natural wood materials just weren’t available in the custom framing market—which is one of the reasons I was eager to be a part of this project,” says Pickens of working with Framebridge. “When a cutting-edge company comes to you and asks you to help them manufacture something brand new, you do it!”

Made from 100 percent American wood, the collection emphasizes quality and transparent production methods in order to ensure you get a product you can feel good about. Every piece was grown in Virginia, milled in Alabama, and built in Kentucky—and while each frame is one of a kind, the quality assurance remains the same regardless of size or color.


“It was extremely important to Framebridge that the entire process take place in America, so we worked together to ensure an authentic process and product,” explains Pickens. “Many gorgeous woods are native to the United States, but you’d be surprised to know a lot of it is actually grown here, but then sent overseas to be milled and manufactured before being sent back.”


The collection is available in Walnut, Cherry, and Ash varieties, with a plethora of sizes—ranging from Framebridge’s trademark “Instagram” size (5×5) to the “Extra Large” option (32×40). According to Pickens, each of the three selections was carefully chosen from a large sampling of American-grown wood species.

“Framebridge was looking for wood that had beautiful grain and varied color,” he says. “We ultimately decided on Walnut, Cherry, and Ash because of their uniqueness and texture.”

Even more good news? Framebridge isn’t sacrificing price for quality: With prices starting at just $49, custom hardwood frames are actually affordable. And just in time for holiday gifting, too.

Shop the American Hardwoods Collection online at today.

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