This New Cabinet Style Gives You the Airiness of Open Shelving (Minus the Dust)

Fluted glass has never looked better in the kitchen.
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The number-one complaint you’ll hear from people about open shelving in a kitchen is that it’s a recipe for dust. It’s a hard truth that drives plenty of renovators away from the airy storage solution, leading them to opt for traditional door fronts instead. The problem is, when you have a small space, visually, open shelving is your best friend (it makes the room appear brighter and bigger than it really is). Luckily you no longer have to pick between one or the other: Reform’s new kitchen design, dubbed Reflect, is the ultimate compromise. 

The Copenhagen-based design studio teamed up with Pritzker Prize–winning French architect Jean Nouvel to create a collection that basically marries the aesthetics of open storage with the peace of mind of closed doors. The system is made from sturdy steel (available in black and metal) imbued with high-gloss, steel sheets with vertical ridges—the wavy fronts bounce natural light around a room, no matter how big or small it is. You get the gist of what’s on the other side of the fronts, but you also don’t have to stress about whether or not your plates are perfectly stacked. If there is a mess going on, you can’t really see it. 

The Reflect kitchen design comes with countertops in the brand’s black Fenix laminate, as well as stainless steel in case you want to take the shiny, reflective look to the max. Bonus: The cabinets are finished with a clear anti-fingerprint varnish, so in addition to not having to dust, you also don’t have to whip out the Windex constantly.

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