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by Lexi Tollefsen

Stripes make a statement without compromising sophistication.

Whether in the form of a rug, pillow, or bedspread, stripes are a great pattern to use if you want to mix things up without being too eccentric. The classic style reminiscent of the French Riviera instantly elevates any room, as it does an outfit.

Leather is a staple that will get better with age.

Like a leather jacket, a piece of leather furniture is a great investment for any stylish homeowner. The material gains character as it wears and is easily mixed and matched with other textures.

Florals never go out of fashion.

Florals lend freshness and femininity to any wardrobe, and your living space is no different. The springy motif has the power to brighten a room even in small doses. Fresh flowers are the obvious way to bring the style into the home, but a floral printed throw pillow also does the trick.

It’s okay to mix modern and traditional.

In fact, it’s fabulous. In the same way you’d pair sneakers with an ethereal frock, don’t be afraid to spruce up traditional decor with modern accessories. Mix your grandmother’s dining table with lucite chairs. Place a shag carpet under a chesterfield sofa. Hang an abstract print next to a portraiture painting on your

gallery wall

The mix-and-match possibilities are endless.

Black goes with everything.

Accessories in black are great design go-to’s if you need to put a finishing touch on your space. The color instantly ties everything together like a tried-and-true black leather bootie makes a weekend ensemble look polished.

Want something to look more expensive? Try velvet.

There’s a reason velvet is a holiday party standard–it’s dressy and elegant. The material oozes glamour with its iridescent finish and smooth texture. If you’re looking to jazz up a casual room, try adding a few velvet elements. Whether you go for something big like a settee, or small like a throw, you’ll notice an immediate boost of luxury.

More often than not, less is more.

An over-crowded, over-decorated space can look clunky, which is why it’s best to keep it simple. That is not to say you should steer clear of eclectic or bohemian styles, however. As a good rule of thumb, objects in your home should always have a place. Things in messy piles or stacks without purpose weigh a room down in a not so chic way.

Pattern mixing is always a good idea.

Experiment with prints in your home like you would when getting dressed in the morning. Don’t feel the pressure to always match or color-coordinate. The best pairings are those that you wouldn’t immediately put together.

Furs, whether real or faux, make luxurious accents.

Fur can always add drama to a space, no matter the style or color scheme. Whether used as a rug or draped over the bed as a throw, the material instantly adds texture and depth. It’s a sure-fire way to create an Instagram-worthy vinette.

Don’t be afraid to get graphic.

Just like a graphic tee edges up a conservative ensemble, graphic decor adds a unique modern touch to any room. Spice up the atmosphere in your home by hanging a piece of graphic art or playing with throw pillows with a handwritten pattern on the fabric.

When in doubt, emulate the French.

There’s a reason why we can’t get enough of

french girl

style. It’s modern, romantic and, above all else, tasteful. The same is true for Parisian-inspired interiors. Furniture with a French look takes a room to the next level and can be easily mixed in with pieces of other styles.