tropical retreat. 

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, Windjammer Landing provided the perfect balance of culture, entertainment, and adventure that Clarke and her family needed to create a uniquely Saint Lucia experience for their spring break trip. “The resort was a charming oasis of fun,” Clarke explains, “with every water sport imaginable sprinkled among the most gorgeous piece of land on the island.” 

blissful baubles

– “So many gorgeous, handmade friendship bracelets; I’m going to need more friends!” Clarke jokes of the loads of indigenous treasures—ranging from chic straw bags to hand-woven island dolls and jewelry—the family brought back to New York from St. Lucia. 

capital comforts.

 The capital city of Castries is the island’s well-known hub for culture and commerce, providing plenty of waterfront pavilions for shopping. “The stalls were filled with spices, veggies, fruits, fish, and endless hand-crafted toys.” Clarke explains. “The girls were introduced to okra for the first time and had a great time picking out local gifts to bring home to friends and family!”


beach bums.

 “Each morning, our pal [and tour guide] Smokey would arrive with new discoveries like sugar cane, star fruit, and mango so sweet it dripped syrup!” Clarke raves. “After our morning dose of Vitamins from his findings – we spend the days soaking up the island sun and testing out every water sport the Caribbean had to offer!”

lasting impressions. 

With a slew of affordable—and direct— flights straight into the West Indies, the Clarke family’s break from the rough Manhattan winter to the tropical paradise of St. Lucia was truly a harmonious retreat. “The people are charming & friendly,” Clarke adds. “With amazing spots for both adults and kids to explore. What more could you want from a getaway than delicious food and gorgeous weather?!”