Published on October 15, 2019

Wells Pin It
Courtesy of Marina Rutherford

When you’re the founder of an experiential agency that helps bring detailed, beautiful events and projects together (including Domino‘s first-ever weddings issue), you know how to plan for even the most unforeseen emergencies. That’s why Marina Rutherfurd, head of Rutherfurd Creative, knew exactly what to put in her kit for her recent Bahamas wedding. After all, when you’ve packed tools that can tackle virtually any kind of last-minute panic, there’s no need to stress.

Stains, popped buttons, and dangerous hemlines are no match for a well-prepared bride. With Rutherfurd’s essentials in tow, it’s easy to quell anxieties and instead focus on what really matters during your wedding ceremony and reception: making memories and having fun with your loved ones. An errant splash of Aperol spritz couldn’t even put a dent in the day—and, if it does, there’s nothing a swipe of calming lavender oil can’t do to help get you back in the zone.

This serum kept my skin hydrated in the Bahamian sun—I’m not sure what I love more, the product or the packaging! 

I had a run-in with an Aperol Spritz at our welcome party. This saved the day—and my white dress!

I like to think true love made my skin glow, but this facial mist I sprayed just before the ceremony definitely helped! 

I got married in the Bahamas. At a destination wedding, a steamer is essential to smooth clothes post-travel. 

I went strapless and wish I’d used this on my wedding day. 

Store a face roller in the freezer to help you look and feel awake the morning after a late rehearsal dinner. 

I nearly lost my voice during the weekend—and would have if it weren’t for this soothing spray. 

Even on my wedding day I was aiming for a no-makeup look, so my prep ended with a swipe of remover. 

True story: A button fell off my dress moments before leaving for the ceremony. 

This mouthwash elevates my routine, especially on days when I’m getting ready for a very important kiss! 

A little last-minute reading made me giggle while I was getting ready. 

Dabbing this lavender oil on my neck or wrists relaxes me—even when I have to be the center of attention!