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Photography by PAIGE GREEN
Come the dog days of summer when it’s hard to fathom eating anything at all, a no-cook, veggie-loaded salad is about as ideal as it gets. Equal parts crisp and refreshing, and deliciously healthy, Tartine’s take on the purple salad features a slew of seasonal goodies from champagne grapes and plums to cherry tomatoes and figs. 
Photography by David Malosh | Egg Shop: The Cookbook
The best way to merge back into the work week is to channel one of the best parts of the weekend: brunch. Whip up Egg Shop’s Mediterranean-inspired salad, which features roasted beets, a medley of herbs, and protein-filled eggs. 
Photography by ANTHONY PEREZ
Spice up your weekly lunch rotation with a summer-friendly twist that highlights the best of the season. This seafood ceviche combines citrus and veggies with white fish, resulting in a delectably refreshing blend that’ll briefly transport you to the sea.

Kale Cashew Bowl Nickel & Diner’s kale cashew bowl is comprised of rich grains, sweet potatoes, and fresh veggies, resulting in a fulfilling meal that’ll actually last you through the work day. Skip the poached egg and substitute in either a hardboiled egg or a protein of your choice!

Photography by JULIA SHERMAN

Sardine Niçoise with Fingerling Potatoes We’re all for channeling the French Riviera with Julia Sherman’s creative spin on the classic Niçoise salad. Sub in chopped green bell peppers in lieu of the onions, and whip up the dressing the night before, to allow the flavors to really meld with one another.

Photography by LAURE JOLIET
The best thing about quinoa – apart from its healthy qualities – is that you can make a big batch ahead of time, and pair it with a wide variety of toppings, depending on what you’re feeling on a particular day. This spice loaded version features a unique blend of mangoes, curry, and cilantro. 
Topped with a lemon tahini vinaigrette, this healthy bowl packs in major flavor and plenty of mouthwatering accoutrements. Served alongside fresh kale, the salad comes loaded with chickpeas, wheat berries, and pickled red onions.

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