Pro Florists and DIYers Loop Us In on Their Best Easter Wreath Ideas

Bring on the yellow daffodils.
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Come spring, Easter is our excuse to finally see things through a more colorful lens. Cue the festive crafts and DIYs. (Is there anything more satisfying than dip-dyeing eggs or assembling treasure hunt baskets in pop pastels?) Given the abundance of florals sprouting up with the new season, now is the time to make the most of all those vibrant blooms—and nothing puts them front and center like a wreathThe perfect project for waiting out those last cold weeks, the ideas ahead—courtesy of pro florists and DIYers—let you get creative with your materials and pull from your natural surroundings.

The Timeless Arrangement

pink and puple wreath
courtesy of popup florist

Caspia, dried fern, and dried Gomphrena make up this wreath, designed by Popup Florist. Mixing in natural greenery (the base is grapevine) with preserved blooms allows it to last way beyond the holiday. “You can keep it up for the season and add to it, as well,” says founder Kelsie Hayes.

The Dash of Sunshine

Caroline Bailly, the founder of Buunch, formed this foam-free wreath out of chicken wire, before reinforcing it with bamboo sticks and tying both ends with florist wire. Then she attached mini bundles of mimosa and yellow solidago, alternating them as she worked her way around the loop. Finally she peppered in daffodils to make it super-bright. 

The Woodland Wonder 

vine-y wreath
Courtesy of Jenya Tsybulskyi

Jenya Tsybulskyi took a whimsical approach, combining Easter lilies, gardenias, tuberose, freesias, and Xanadu philodendron leaves for a foresty touch. “All of the flowers are incredibly fragrant,” she points out. The base is made of dry vines, which you can usually purchase premade. If you want to keep it up for a few days, attach water tubes to the stems and tuck them into the branches.

The Minimalist’s Choice

branches making a triangle
Photo Courtesy of Almost Makes Perfect

It took Molly Madfis all of 10 minutes to craft this simple green option, which you can build out of olive branches (fitting for the occasion) and thick wire. The pro DIYer covered any visible sections of the frame with smaller pieces of greenery, then trimmed any parts that looked too busy with scissors. 

The Trendy Hoop

pampass grass on brass hoop
Photo by Ruth Eileen Photography, Courtesy of Finding Lovely

For a breezy, boho-inspired Easter, swap traditional florals for pampas grass, as Jackie Hempel of Finding Lovely did here. The material goes a long way: You can make two of these wreaths out of one stalk. The blogger suggests using scissors or your fingers to pinch off little bundles of grass around the same length first. Then secure them with tape and stagger them up the frame to get that swooping shape. 

The Supersize Pyramid

You’d never guess this 3-foot-tall wreath (yes, you read that right) cost less than $10 to make (before the addition of florals). Not only can you source the pine boards at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot, says Brittni Mehloff, but you should be able to snag eight to 10 tree trimmings for free from there, too. After a bit of basic construction, it’s ready to hang.

The Faux Eggs

egg wreath on pink door
Photography by Jane Merritt

egg wreath on pink door
Photography by Jane Merritt

The House That Lars Built combined two DIYs to make this stunner, which comprises papier-mâché eggs in the prettiest of pastels. Tip: You can give the faux eggs some extra texture by splattering bleach or paint in small sections across the paper. 

The Real Eggs

pink qual eggs on wreath
Courtesy of Flowers by Schouten

A twist on the standard Easter wreath DIY, this artful creation calls for hollowed-out quail eggs set on a twig “nest” base and looks as if it could have been plucked straight from nature. 

The Cake Topper

colorful faux wreath
Photo Courtesy of Oh Happy Day

Not all wreaths require fresh florals, and this sweet cake topper by Oh Happy Day is proof. Crafted of cupcake liners and colorful pop sticks, it’s a fun, decorative element that will make your Easter meal extra-special. 

The One That Says “Hop on In”

pom pom wreath on pink door
Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Take Easter a bit more literally by making this adorable bunny character. A Beautiful Mess secured the pom-poms to 3-inch-wide strips of white fabric, which are wrapped around the frame with hot glue. Felt ears really bring the front door necessity to life. 

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