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Mobiles are becoming increasingly popular in design—and not just in babies’ rooms. Cool Mid-Century mobiles are popping up everywhere (even Target has a version!).

Fortunately, they’re not very difficult to make, and Rebecca Simms from Wylie West Creative built one just for Domino. Here, she lays out the steps to create one at home. The hardest part is choosing a color scheme.

You Will Need:

Needle Nose Pliers Lineman’s Pliers Ruler Scissors Pencil Hole Punch Copper Wire – 16 gauge Felt Sheets (3-4 colors) Foam Sheets – 6×9 with adhesive sticky back (3-4 colors) Brass Sheet Metal – .005 x 4 x 10” Wood and Acrylic Beads – mixed sizes (optional)

Step 1

Pick out your felt and foam sheet color combinations. Each shape will be two sided, with a different color combination. Once you have chosen the colors you want to use, start by removing the protective layer from the foam sheets before applying the sticky side directly to the felt sheet. Press down, and make sure there are no bubbles and that both sides are smooth.

Step 2

Begin by printing and then cutting out the provided template. Use these paper shapes and a pencil to create your cut lines on the foam side of each foam/felt sheet.

Step 3

Carefully cut out each shape you have traced on the foam side.

Step 4

Punch holes in your foam/felt shapes using the template provided.

Step 5

Carefully unravel the coil of copper wire. Use your fingertips to straighten out the rounded edges and line your wire up to the ruler.

Step 6

Next, use the ruler to measure each piece of wire before cutting. Refer to the wire measurements chart provided.

Step 7

Use pliers to create curved hooks on each end of the wire pieces.

Step 8

For pieces that need to connect to another wire bar, add a loop in the center.

Step 9

You do not need a center loop for the smaller pieces of wire that are used to connect shape to shape.

String beads on another piece of wire, and attach it to the center of the mobile.

Hang it in your living room, and admire your handiwork.