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When I think back to all the valuable lessons and skills my dad has taught me over the years so many come to mind. He taught me to ride a bike and to be adventurous. He gave me driving lessons and emphasized the importance of a strong work ethic. We share the same sense of humor and love of rollercoasters. But the one thing I think most people might be surprised that I learned from my dad is how to throw a good party and more importantly how to be an exceptional host.

My dad’s favorite is to throw summer pool parties. He says there is nothing better than a backyard filled with the sounds of conversation, laughter and splashing where intense yard and pool game competitions are always on the agenda and cooking on the grill is a must. To this day I still think my dad grills the best hamburgers and steaks.

Leading up to a party he always puts a lot time and effort into prepping to make sure his guests have the best experience possible. He not only makes guests feel welcome but pampered as well. Extra towels, a fully stocked fridge with a variety of drinks and easy to grab snacks are always readily available.

I am always impressed by his capability to effortlessly mingle with friends while still preparing the meal. However, I started noticing that as he was grilling out he was always taking multiple trips into the house to collect his grilling supplies that he needed. Whether is was an extra plate, a piece of foil or his favorite seasoning, a missing item always had him running back inside.

That got Brent and I thinking about a great Father’s Day gift, a box to store all his grilling supplies in one place that was easy to grab and take out to the grill. We had a difficult time finding one like we envisioned it should look. There are plenty of tackle boxes for fishing gear and toolboxes for storing and organizing tools but we learned that boxes to house grill utensils and other useful grill items are not as common as we expected.

Grill Supplies Box Features:

  • A slit for a meat thermometer
  • Dowel rod with a roll of aluminum foil and mounted metal tear strip for easy cutting
  • Plenty of room for a variety of seasonings and spices
  • Slots for tongs, spatula and grilling fork
  • A normal size pan hinged to the bottom of the box
  • A bottle opener on the outside

So we made our own. This was an exciting task because we could design the appearance and functionality exactly how we thought would best fit a griller’s needs. We modeled the design of our grill supplies box after a vintage toolbox and adapted the design of the interior to fit the shape of the grill utensils and additional materials.
We wanted to design and build a handy place where my dad could store all his supplies and carry it out to the grill. It is our hope this makes things easier on him and he can spend more time outside enjoying the party with friends and family rather than running around gathering all his grilling items. A host should be able to have a good time at his or her own party!
Whether he is just walking out to the backyard, taking it to a park or on a camping trip, Brent and I hope that our grill supplies box makes his life just a little bit easier and more enjoyable because after all he has given and done for me over the years, that is the least I can do.

Watch our video to see our process of creating our grill supplies box.